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New Tiles In 'Dangerous Scenery'

There are some new cliff tiles in the Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery tile set! If you have never downloaded that set before, then download the main zip file. If you're a returning person, just grab the NEW zip file. To install the new tiles drag the folders from the zip into the HK-Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery folder wherever you have it stashed away. You do not need to re-import anything, Hex Kit will detect new tiles in previously imported folders no problem. If there is a problem let me know!

The new cliff tiles come in seaside and regular variety. The regular variety has two sub categories, Standard and Connector. The connector cliffs will let you connect the regular cliffs to the seaside cliffs.


  • Also there is only two new additions for tonight so I can make sure nothing gets broken when Hex Kit detects new tiles in old folders. Will be a much higher addition count here on out.

  • Posted about this in support, but I can't actually download these. They appear to be flagged "preorder" - is that intentional?

  • try again. i am still learning how to use itch, it's not easy lol

  • They look great and will be very helpful.

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