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Is there API access to Hex Kit? I'm interested in adding a procedural generator if there is access to the mapping functionality. Or perhaps procedural generation is in the plan already?


  • This basically exists already; if you create a custom randomly generated map and then expand the rows & columns, it will procedurally place tiles as you go. If you subtract rows or columns, and then add them back it will be the same terrain but different tiles.

    As far as an API goes, @rossimo really wants to implement one in the not too distant future, to give users a chance to create plugins and such. There is no time table on that; probably later in the year after we've manage to squash other stuff.

  • Are we able to tweak the "rules" for which tiles get placed in what frequency, taking into account nearby tiles? That's what I'm looking for rather than pure random generation.

  • When the API comes, you'll be given all the basic painting primitives for Hex Kit. I.E., paint a specific tile at specific coordinate and layer. The API will most probably be given as Javascript library, and you'll have full reign to paint whatever you'd like.

  • That is awesome!

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