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In The Abbey Basement


  • Are walls, floors, and such on the way? :)

  • The wall tiles look great.

    However I would need door and corridor tiles that are the full hex width (face-to-face width). I think they might be doable already with the wall segments used in room 8 as long as the corner and intersection pieces are also there.

    Looking forward to playing with them.

  • Hello Cecil!

    First up, I love the new ocean tiles, and am very into the new dungeon tiles. As ever, just trying to be a useful post-release tester here, not whining.

    So in my Beyond The Wall campaign I've got an evil wizard who is obsessed with hexes, figuring they're the most powerful shape in the universe (in his, maybe!). This means I could really use a pair of hexes, or advice on how to do what I want with what is there.

    (1) Is the kind of wall hex I'd love to have so I could place it on (2), allowing for a side corridor opening in a hex shaped room.

    (3) Is a door placement - which I appreciate goes over other hexes - so that I can place functional doors where two points meet.

    Is this possible? Am I missing something already possible?

  • i could make something like 1, but the opening would have to be bigger to meetup with other dungeon hexes, or i'd need to make more dungeon hexes that fit that corridor on the other side. you can sort of fake number 2 this way:

    as far as 3 goes; the dungeons are built around meeting at hex faces rather than points so you're not gunna get a super good transition there. BUT, if you increase the size of your tower you can stretch it a bit further

  • Ah, I see! Thanks for the prompt and thorough response, it's appreciated.

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