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The city of Octarine

First try at a map for a Solar System fantasy RPG.

I find it a bit painful to draw the roads.

Overall, I really like the results I can get.


  • It is annoying to draw the roads. Maybe in the future they can write it so that it detects if there is an adjacent road tile and auto select and rotate so the road matches up.

    That is not an easy thing to do... but it is a thing I think could be done at some point.

    Could be useful for rivers, borders, walls, coasts, etc.

  • we've been talking about what it would take to implement some sort of auto connector, so it's on our radar. i for one really enjoy the puzzle aspect of putting the dynamic tiles together. but i've been dink-donkin around with these tiles for a year in some way or another. kinda comes as second nature by now to me, i guess.

  • edited May 2017

    I could see if this is more about art how it could be relaxing like puzzle solving...

    But when you are trying to get the map ready for one of the two RPG games you run, while playing in a third RPG, working full time, along with other things (family, motorcycle, TV, PS4, etc), speed and ease is pretty important.

  • Having the hex already connected would certainly be helpful.

  • Also, some road tiles with connector in the middle of the hex border could be useful, because having only connections in the corners is not always quite practical.

  • Agreed, a set that goes from center to center! Should then be able to do center to half of each corner.

  • I'd add my vote for that as well, with something similar for rivers please. Road-wise, this already exists in the HK - Classic utilities folder.

  • I agree. For roads and rivers I'd just as soon have them go from center points of the hex faces instead of vertices.

  • I tried using the ley lines, but they lined up so poorly, I had to drop them entirely.

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