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More Dangerous Scenery Tonight!! <--grab the newest NEW and drag the new folders to dangerous scenery. heckin' tight.


  • PS: a lot of people are going to have trouble with the dungeon tiles at first; they are unwieldy haha. But dungeon tiles was probably the #1 thing requested during the kickstarter so I figured i'd oblige. once you get the hang of it though you can make some wild stuff.

    a tip: i make the base layer nothing but blank dungeon floors, then fill in the walls and floors on the upper layers. then i go back to the base layer and fill the negative space with whatevs.

    have fun!

  • oh one other thing. here is all of the available ocean tiles in a graduated manner: ocean to deep ocean to deeper ocean to angry sea to the brine. also the water hole with no white turbulence is intentional.

  • it's totally a blue hole! haha. if you ever get a chance to see the one in new mexico, it's awesome.

  • Saw the one by Belize, but from a distance, still amazing.

  • Hey Cecil, when you're all wrapped up with the updates to Dangerous Scenery, will each part be bundled up together into a single download? (I was gonna wait until they were all done but I kind of don't want to now :P)

  • @aaron yep, as i add the updates i also update the main zip, and at the end it will be one thing.

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