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Hiding a layer select it

Sometimes, I hide a layer to more precisely clean some hexagons (I only want to see the hexagons of the current layer).

Unfortunately, hiding a layer by clicking on the eye select the newly hidden layer. So, the next thing you remove is on the hidden layer...

It would be nice if clicking on the eye did not select a layer, especially if you hide it.

It would also be nice to only be able to interact with visible layers. Changing hexagons on an hidden layer is not really a useful function.

Thanks again.


  • While I definitely agree that hiding a layer should not also select the (now-hidden) layer, there are use cases for editing hidden layers. The most obvious is when you want to create a "window" in an upper layer to display specific content on a lower layer. If the upper layer is displayed, you can't see where the lower layer's content is to expose it. (This can also be accomplished by making the upper layer partially transparent rather than by hiding it entirely, but hiding it is often more convenient than fiddling with degrees of transparency.)

  • Good point. However, you should have to explicitely select the hidden layer to make change.
  • +1 on this request.

  • What might be better than not selecting when you hide a layer, or just a nice addition, would be the ability to lock a layer.

  • This also is a great thing! (locking a layer)
    Once I get my map created and mostly what I am doing is adjusting the Fog of War layer, would hate to accidentally delete part of the base layer, not realize it, and then save it.

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