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Request. Eye dropper tool

Sets the paint tool to the same sub folder as the hex clicked on. Levels aware. If nothing on level,takes highest visible one.


  • Interesting...

  • Yes, this.

  • Was just thinking about this last night!

  • I would like to have the option to select the exact tile as well. For example with eye dropper tool chosen, pick folder with left click, pick individual tile with right click (or SHIFT+click).

  • @LongStrider i am not sure what you mean in context with the eye dropper, but if you double click a tile category it will let you pick specific tiles already.

  • edited May 2017

    I think the user story would be like this:
    I am editing a map and by selecting the eyedropper tool (or keyboard shortcut of 'y'?), I can select a tile group based on the tile on the map of the current layer (or, if nothing on this layer, the first layer below that has a tile on it), but when a modifier key is used (shift+click) it selects the exact tile instead of the tile group.

    That make sense Cecil?

    LongStrider, I hope this is what you wanted, because it is what I want.

  • More plainly, if you have a map containing, say, a forest tile, then the eyedropper tool would let you click a forest tile on the map to select forest tiles for additional painting, without having to find the set of forest tiles in the toolbox.

    So "I want to paint more tiles like this one. eyedropper click" instead of "I want to paint more tiles like this one. What tile pack is it from? find appropriate tab in toolbox What set of tiles within the pack is it? find set within the tab".

  • Yes, @ldjessee has it described correctly.

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