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The Hamlet of Amon-Theer

edited May 2017 in Hex Maps

Amon-Theer is a small hamlet in the Dungeon World campaign that I have been running for the better part of a year. Hex Kit has been a great tool for planning and sharing the world to my players. I tried to create a wooden palisade style wall around the hamlet using the three pillar tile. Does it work or do you have any other tiles you might suggest I use instead?


  • The wooden palisade got me too.
    I have an in progress a tile of a small palisade around a small tower... I am not happy with how I have tried coloring it, so I keep starting over, but maybe someday, when I get it to look the way I like, I will then move on to palisade walls.

  • At first glance I thought those were standing stones around the area then I read the description.

    Maybe make a copy of the pillar tile and fill the pillars with a brown texture. Might make them look more like wood.

  • don't forget you can shift+right-click on with the paintbrush to flip tiles!

  • You might want to try layering Fantasy Icons on top of each other to get a palisade effect if you don't want to draw your own.

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