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Organizing tiles

As I've been playing around with making maps I've found myself wanting some different subgroups under various tile sets. I'll use Fantasyland > Desert as my example. In Desert there are four types of tiles, Blank, Dunes, Trees Tree+Water, I want to be able to paint a region with only Dune tiles but randomly select from the lot of them rather than having to individually pick to get a variety. How should I go about setting this up? Do I create folders inside the imported Fantasyland folder and move the appropriate tiles in (and would this break old maps, and potentially break things again whenever FantasyLand might get updated) or is there some other method.


  • You can do that or you can use the range selection feature. Click the first tile you want your range to include, hold shift, and click the next one to select all tiles in between. If you hold CTRL down as you click them you can cherry pick which ones to include in your range.

    Fantasyland is not likely to update, so if you want to reorganize go for it.

  • I would go for copying, rather than moving. That way not only your already created maps would still work, but if others share their maps, then they would work as well.

  • Range selection! Another great tip.

    Guess I really should listen to the tutorial some day.

  • edited May 2017

    @ldjessee I was hesitating on copying, but I've realized that two copies of each tile in the same folder shouldn't mess up the distribution. I'll probably go back and unzip the file again to put everything where it's supposed to be.

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