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This thread is where I will post new palisades tiles that I am creating and sharing.

I have two tiles to share (right now, same art, either on a background 'base' or with no background/border 'overlay').

I have these tiles placed in HK-Palisades, which is placed inside HK-Community, which is on the same level as HK-Fantasyland.

Both of the tiles included are CC BY-NC-SA.


  • Very nice and a great idea for organization.

    Assuming Hex Kit will ignore text tiles in the folders contributors should probably make it a practice to put in a rights statement in each folder. Something simple like the CC statement, the creators name, a contact point and a date (if asserting copyright).

  • Here are a couple tiles of palisade wall sections.

    Making vertical or angled wall segments may be beyond my skills with GIMP.

  • I learned after using my hilltop palisade tower that I did not outline them in a thick enough line... it does not standout against the very colorful backgrounds of Hex Kit, so I need to modify mine.

    Did you draw these yourself?

  • Heavens, no. Not an artist. I just hacked these together in GIMP.

    Took a b/w image of palisades that had too much space in between the poles. Selected the poles and then grew the selection until there was only a few pixels between. Re-pointed the tops by hand which helped make them less perfect. Then filled the pole area with a rough wood texture. Rotated texture 90 and filled the horizontal piece. Selected everything not transparent and stroked 3 px around with black Went back around the horizontal piece with a 50% black to make it stand out better. Did the same around the gate pieces. The open gates were just a simple warp with the perspective tool.

    Original palisade image:

    From a great free set of Game Icons.

    Wood texture:

    I probably got this off the Dundjinni forums but maybe not.

    Here's the full wall segment prior to be scaled down and hexed.

  • Nicely done!

  • Thanks.

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