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Fill/Bucket Tool? 'Default' Hex Tile Selection for new maps?

I looked but didn't see this feature request in here - but someone has to have asked for this right?

I'd like to have a fill tool that fills every hex on a layer with the selected hex group/tile folder set. For example - I want to drop an entire layer of ocean - I don't wish to click once per hex - just let me use a fill tool to set random tiles from the Fantasyland Ocean set to every hex on the layer. If this is already possible - please help! It'd save me a ton of time.

Also - when making a new map file you should be able to select a folder and have the base layer be initially populated with a random tile from the folder/tile set rather than starting entirely blank.

This is probably two change requests / enhancements / feature requests.....but they're fairly related to one another. Thanks for everything HK is great.

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  • hey thanks! what I do to do a mega fill is use the custom generator and just put one tile in it. pretty quick work around, but we're looking at adding additional tools in the future

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    Thanks for the quick response! so you're generating the JSON file using a script or something (did someone say Python.....)? What do you mean by 'custom generator?'

  • File -> Generate Custom

  • Oh my....

  • @zoarlob said:
    Oh my....

    Haha, yeah. It's pretty powerful once you get the hang of it for generating a base layer, and it works procedurally. As you add or subtract hexes with the + / - buttons on the edge of your map, it will keep generating terrain.

  • That's great. I'll give it a try next time - its a perfectly acceptable workaround for my tool request - at least for the time being. Thanks Cecil.

  • Yeah, I use the custom generator for all kinds of things, including flood fills on new maps.

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