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Importing Ungrouped

Hi! I'm able to import four tilesets perfectly, but the other eight are importing as individuals, not groups, is there a simple way to make them group like the other sets, please?


  • Here's the undesired result:

  • The top image makes it look like you extracted at least a couple of the tile sets but didn't keep the folder structure. The 8 you have highlighted should all be under a folder named HK-Spaceland like this:

    That way when you import Spaceland they will show up as sub-folders in Hex Kit.

    Also HK-City Kit, HK-Dark Night Cold Winter and HK-On Down The River should be under the HK-Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery folder.

    You can go into Hex Kit and Remove both the Spaceland and TTDS sets. Then re-import them once the folders are straightened out.

    The overlapping names happens if you use the "small tile view" in the tile viewer. You can switch to the "large tile view" and they don't overlap in my setup.

  • Thanks! No idea how I managed that.
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