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[Request] Import image to make map of

Summary: Be able to import an image file that I can then paint tiles to recreate as a Hex Kit map.

Detailed: I want to be able to import an image file (I am ok if it is only PNG) that is either below the base layer OR as a layer at the top that is at 70% (or 60%-70%-80% user selectable; like most layers, can be hidden or displayed).
This will help me scan or picture hand drawn maps and turn them into Hex Kit maps.


  • I requested this during beta, but don't recall whether the answer was more of a "maybe in a post-release update" or "not likely to happen" and it looks like the beta forums have been deleted (or at least I no longer have access to them), so I can't look it up.

    Either way, I'd really like to see this feature, too!

  • This would be very handy.

  • I have several hand drawn maps on yellow graph paper I would love to recreate in Hex Kit and 'painting' over the map would be much easier than constantly eyeballing it and trying to make sure I get the proportions right.

    As some of these maps are different scaled versions of other hand drawn maps, I have already done lots of work to make sure they have objects correctly located at different scales. I do not want to do that work again.

    This would also let me take the export from one Hex Kit Map and create a new Hex Kit Map at a different scale with some ease...

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