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edited May 2017 in Hex Maps

It's not perfect. However, it's nice to give the Kingdom a little extra pizzazz.

I wish there was a draw tool to make lakes. That way I can use layers and cut out what I want to show.


  • I make lakes by putting a water hex down, then putting shore pieces around it... Or multiple hexes, depending on size/scale.

  • Depending on the size of the lake, I usually don't even use a water hex. Three or four coastline hexes will do the trick quite nicely:

  • I'll have to play around with that.

    That looks MUCH better.

  • came here to say what @nDervish said. the coasts are half water half blank, so throw them on a layer above the terrain and you can make some smaller lakes, or use the single tile lakes in the Dangerous Scenery set.

  • @ndervish: how did you layer that "watery rocky" tile in the lower left? It looks rad and I'm not quite getting it right on my end.

  • @nonplayercharacter it looks like that is one of the plateau tiles with a tributary river tile over it. @nDervish is starting to learn the ins and outs of really working the tiles to make unique situations, holy shit haha.

  • It's just one of the tiles from the same set as the rest, similar to the two below it, with a river mouth tile on top of it. I wasn't intentionally doing anything cool there, it just kinda happened. (@cecil gives me too much credit. I threw that map together in a couple minutes to demonstrate a lake made of coastline tiles and didn't really think about what I was doing any more deeply than that. The coolness is entirely a result of his tile art and some random luck.)

  • @nDervish there are definitely some hidden tricks to Hex Kit that you kind of just find by using it; things I never intended. For example, rotating the terrains underneath coastlines to get other colors. I realized when I was making promotional material for the Kickstarter that I could put a coast over a hill, then rotate the hill tile so the hill was under the water and just the orange/brown showed as the coast. Here you've managed to make a really cool river rock situation by hiding the top of that tile with the tributary.

    Pretty cool stuff like that happens just from goofin' off, and I guess you could call it 'emergent' or something.

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