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Fixing maps after having moved hexagons

I've made a small tool to fix maps once you've move your hexagons to a subfolder.

It will look for the new hexagons folders, and update the map accordingly.

It will only find the hexagons if they stay in the same collection.

It works on Linux for my maps. I haven't done any test on Windows or MacOS.

It is an early version. So be careful.
Dot not erase your original maps.

Hope that helps.


  • Hello, just to keep you posted, the current version is working nicely on Windows and Linux (I've not tested macOS, but it should work).

    Also, hexagons moved to another collection are now correctly found and updated.

    The only thing not fixed is single tiles used in generators.

    Hope that helps.

  • the generators are made separate of the software, so the paths to the tilesets need to be changed in the generator file.

  • There is a copy of the generator in the map file (used to add rows and columns I believe). The generator can include a single tile by name (this could happen for a user created generator). If it is the case, it will not be updated. Not to mention the folders names.

    Updating the generators is a complex task, and might not be doable at all, for example for folder names if they have been renamed.

  • when you say generators, do you mean the ones that come with Fantasyland or the built in custom generator?

  • This tool is only trying to fix map files after having moved tiles.

    When I say generator, I mean the copy of the generator or custom generator in the map file.

    It is currently not possible to edit this generator once the map has been created (or I did not find the way to do this without destroying the map).

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