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HELP: Possible to change the default Label Display Options?

Hello there! Brand new user, just acquired "all the things" and am really enjoying the heck outta this tool. One immediate question that I've so far been unable to figure out on my own. How do I change the default Label display options?

For example, I want to offset all of my displayed labels by 15 points, and also change all of their fonts by a few points. Unfortunately it makes me do this every single time I add a new label, which gets a bit tedious. Since it lets me universally apply changes to the Coordinate display, I figured it would have the same option for labels, but unfortunately if it is there I cannot find it.

How can I do this? If it isn't possible, would this be the best channel for making this a feature request?


  • consider this feature requested! you're not the first person to request this, and we do have going back into the information layer and adding a few extra bells and whistle, maybe we can get a default/blanket setting button too. Welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks for the rapid reply, it's much appreciated.

    As a side note, I am totally late to this party and realized I might not have the right channels of information open. However I was curious what the very rough estimate is on completion of the space pack? I'm super eager to get my mitts on those space station and building icons whenever they come out. Do you announce that to those following the products on Itch?

  • not yet nope. it's coming ASAP. top priority.

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