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REQUEST: Click-and-Hold to Move a Tile

edited May 2017 in Support

Case: You've made a pretty awesome map for your campaign, including one with multiple layered effects and a custom configured label. Then you realize you either placed it in the wrong location, or it would simply work better in a different part of the map. Now you gotta recreate it from scratch all over again, phooey!

Proposal: Add a function to "move" a tile-stack around the map. Perhaps a Click-and-hold action, or an alt-click action, or such.


  • Personally, I think I'd rather see this implemented as cut/copy/paste (^X/^C/^V keystrokes) rather than a drag operation. Cut/copy/paste allows duplicating it to multiple locations, it's already a familiar model to users, and, perhaps most importantly, it avoids any chance of conflict with the normal use case of dragging across tiles to quickly paint an area.

  • Having cut/copy/paste for a tile and a tile-stack would be very cool.

  • Yeah that would work too. But it'd be nice to be able to do it entirely with the mouse too, or at least with as little keyboard use as possible. This is an extremely mouse-friendly program, and I'd love that to apply to tile-moving as well.

  • Maybe then a middle-click drag?

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