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Help! On a Mac

I'm using Mac OS Sierra. I'm having tremendous difficulty with this program. I can only export files. Saving them sees to do no good. Thus, I have to complete a map in one go. Further, I made a map in the display window and, at some point, it ceased allowing the addition of tiles from the toolbox. (I bought the Fnatasylands edition as well).

Can anyone help?


  • Well, the display window is for showing players and to see what the 'Fog of War' layer completely rendered looks like. The edit window is for editing...

    Did you restart after installing?

    Where are you trying to save them too? Does your current account have access to where you are trying to save them?

    On my Mac, I save them to a folder in the Documents folder. Save is under Hex Kit menu (think of Hex Kit menu like you would File menu in most Mac programs).

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