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Can't load up a map I built on computer 1 on computer 2

Using a second computer, I can't load up the same map in Hex Kit when I have the same tiles loaded in in the same order.

Is there some other computer configuration I have to get in sync?

The tiles from Dangerous Scenery load up, but none of the others:

I can upload the map as well if necessary. Let me know if there is other information I can share to help.


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    Did the bug report come from the same instance of the app the screenshot came from? From the screenshot, it looks like you have Fantasyland available, but the the bug report only shows that you have the Classic set.

  • edited June 2017

    I sure thought it did. I'll try and open it again and get re-up what I get. All the kits are in the drop-down menu...

  • Here's a second screenshot of the problem showing the kits loaded up and the bug report from another attempt to load it

  • Does the "HK-Dangerous Icons" subset exist in the "Dangerous Scenery" tileset in the buggy version of the app?

  • I was able to fix my map import problem by removing the added kits, by deleting the folders, re-extracting them and re-importing them.

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