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How are things going with updates?

Notably things have gone silent. Obviously this isn't a full time venture so I understand some lulls but would love to hear when a future update may be coming :)


  • edited June 2017
    We've got an update planned for July. It's the v1.1 update, and the best way describe it is to call it the "Quality of Life" patch. Things like image overlay for tracing are coming, as well as fixes for some of the quirkier things in the app. Lots of suggestions from these forums are planned to be in that release.

    The team basically took a break after the v1.0.1 release since the months leading up to v1.0 were pretty stressful. But, rest assure, code is being committed again, and we planning to have an update released in the near future.

    After v1.1, we want to plan v1.2 "Plugin" update which allows developers to add functionality to the app. That's desired, but we don't have a schedule for it yet.

    There's also rumors of a new CONE project for next year, there's some videos of tech demos scattered on the Interwebs for it. But as a small puzzle, I'm not going to link it here. Finding it will be a excercise for the reader. ;)
  • Sounds great - thanks for the update :)

  • Image overlay in 1.1, you say? Hooray!

  • Yes, thanks for the update, looking forward to these!!

    I am hoping pasting into the label field and save functionality are part of the QoL update! :)

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