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Windows slow to show content on Win10


I've been trying out Hex Kit, great piece of software by the way. This isn't a big problem, but is a bit annoying. Whenever I open up a window - the Display Window, the Generate or Custom Generate Windows, or even the main window when the app first starts up - the outline of the window appears immediately, but the content takes a few seconds (maybe 5) to appear. Not the end of the world, but be interested if anyone else has had this problem and perhaps a solution.



  • This is most likely caused if you have some other memory hogging processes going on. Check your CPU / RAM use when you load up Hex Kit, and let me know what you get.

  • Looks like it was caused by the Trusteer Rapport service - it's CPU usage spikes when I start Hex Kit. Disabling it everything starts straight away.

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