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Running HexKit off a Flash or Cloud drive

I would like to run HexKit off of either a Flash drive or off a cloud service (DropBox) synced to my laptop. I tried both and neither worked. It does not work on an external drive of any kind. I even tried Admin Privs. All I see is a blank window for both the ToolBox and for the edit window. If I try to 'create new', clicking 'create' does nothing. I did try to run from a folder on the laptop and everything seems to work fine. I thought that since it does not need to install it should be portable. Any suggestions?


  • No input or ideas?

  • I'm unable to replicate the problem after copying Hex Kit to a FAT32-formatted thumb drive. Are you sure all the files are on the drive?

  • Turns out it was special characters in one of the folder names. I use brackets [] in folder names sometimes to autosort them to the top of a full folder (my gaming folder has 40-50 subfolders). Apparently that disrupts the path references in the software. Never had that issue before. I'll need to find another naming convention.

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