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Transparent HK-Classic Icon tiles

Has someone already gone through the classic tiles and made them black on transparent? Or will I need to do that if I want to layer them fantasy land tiles?


  • I thought about it, but have not done it.

  • I did a quick and dirty version of the transparent icon tiles and fiddled with it a bit in I think it turned out okay, though you can see the white ghosting around the icon edges.

  • Dang, that looks really awesome! Any chance of making these available for public consumption?

  • Well they are the icons that come in HK-Classic so I may be able to. If @cecil said go ahead I would, the Hex Kit LEGAL.pdf is not very clear in giving me a yea/nay on weather it is kosher. Also, my version has the white border around the images and it looks less than good at full size.

  • Any news on this?

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