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[Request] Lock/unlock layers

To prevent me from accidentally add stuff to the wrong layer a lock tool would be useful. It would be useful, especially without the abilities to select tiles and move them to another layer when you place them on the wrong one.


  • Even without a lock, I think 90% of my mistakes of this type could be avoided simply by not selecting a layer when its visibility is toggled. Almost every time that I draw on the wrong layer in HK, it's because I hid a layer, then forgot to re-select my previously-active layer before trying to draw on it. And then this is compounded when I start scribbling around, trying to figure out why it's not drawing (because, although it is drawing, it's drawing on a layer I can't see... so then I need to unhide the layer, fix what I accidentally drew on it, and rehide it before going back to what I was originally doing).

  • Done this a dozen or so times just in one map... and the converse, though that is more obvious and there is less searching.

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