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1.1 Is GO

Hex Kit 1.1 Changelog

  • Added a dropper tool. Use this tool to quickly find the selected tile in the tile selection window. You must be on the same layer as the tile for this to work right.
  • Added a settings menu. We plan on expanding this in the future, but it was requested that users be able to change a few things. You can use this menu to change your tile selector color, the default label settings, and the default sizes of the map choices. As more things become available, they'll get added to the menu.
  • Export has been changed again to be even more clear than before. Now when you are ready to export your map you can export it as either Player Facing or GM Facing, and in print or digital resolutions of each. This drastically reduces the file size of digital-use maps and makes them more VTT friendly.
  • Hovering over tiles that have labels now shows the layer information as a tool tip. This can be turned on or off per tile.
  • You can now set overlay images to trace maps. Setting an overlay imports the image you choose and places it atop your map at 66% opacity. The map is automatically resized to fit your hex map dimensions, so if you import a large image onto a small map it will make the overlay small and if you import a small image to a large map it will blow it up. In a future update you will be able to change the opacity level of the overlay.(*)
  • The rotate tool can rotate both directions now; when using the rotate tool left click to rotate counter clockwise and right click to rotate clockwise.
  • Four new fonts to choose from have been added to the label options: Aldrich, Alegreya, Bellefair, Calibri, and Josefin.
  • We slayed a bevy of problems as well, including: dragging your paint tool off the canvas and back onto the canvas no longer interrupts painting, issues with zooming around in the display window, the save-as menu being default, and much more.

Get the new update here: !!

(*)We realize that the amount of opacity each person likes is going to be different across the board, and that some people will want to heavily use this feature before we finalize just what kind of options we want for it in the settings menu. If you'd like a little more opacity in your overlay, open that sucker up in GIMP (or other image editing software), go to the layers window and drag the opacity down to about 50%, and then export it as a PNG file. Now when you add it as an overlay you might find it easier to work with.


  • FYI, the download page still displays the changelog for version 1.0.1 instead of 1.1.

  • It looks like the Itch client still can't install and manage the app, are there any plans for that still?

  • @aaron from our end, the Itch client is still too buggy to focus on integration. We want to, but, the compatibility issue doesn't seem to be on our end.

  • Gotcha - thanks for looking into it nonetheless

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