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1.1 on windows seems to be breaking

I just downloaded, deleted my Hex Kit-win32-x64 folder and replaced it with the one in the Hex Kit 1.1 When the app opens there are no tiles available, no base layer, no layers at all, I add a layer it doesn't show, I add a second layer named the same and it complains about duplicate layer name expand the map, and import the tiles it won't let my paint tiles on it.

I saved my first launch map, it is at


  • Did you get that first image after loading a map from the previous patch or does it happen no matter what? The reason I ask is because I had a problem when going from beta patch 1 to beta patch 2 where if I used my old maps it would look like the first image and so I couldn't use those maps anymore.

  • Upload a "Bug Report" from the Help menu to this forum, and it looks like you'll have to use "Reset Settings" in the meantime.
  • Yeah, this is what I get when opening it fresh in an new folder with nothing loaded, resetting settings has had no effect. I'll do the upload.

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