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Hex Classic Parchement Map Sequel - Illuminated Map

edited September 16 in Hex Maps

So first I did this map, representing a cheaper, simpler option from the game's purchase options:

Now my more experienced, and wealthier, players have paid a monk to create an illuminated map, which brings us here:

I'm getting it printed but also laminated, which would make for garbage photographs due to glare so I'm just tossing the ol' .jpg up here. The borders are shamelessly stolen, and modified, from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The three bits of border text are the three different ways years are kept track of by the various cultures to be found within the map's area. Otherwise I've put place names in descending font size from Province to Region to Location to Minor Location. Some ruins are left unlabeled as they've yet to be explored or even discussed by anyone with the province, only seen from afar.

Alas, because the absolute original map was penciled in on a piece of hex paper aligned the other way, North remains Left instead of Up. Oh well!

This map will debut tomorrow at the one year anniversary of my campaign and I think it'll go over pretty dang well. It's especially pleasing since it grew so organically from an intentionally simple Beyond The Wall: Further Afield style pen & paper map. I'm really glad Hex Kit came along so I could upgrade to this!


  • Very neat!
    I probably would have turned the arrow in the upper right corner to point to north.

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