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Quick Generator shows a blank window

If I try to use the quick generator, I just get a blank window. What's causing that? What should I do?


  • mine works, though not for swamp. it may rely on specific tilesets to be active.

  • I'm having the same issue. Would love to know if mine is being buggy or if Im doing something wrong.

  • Also having this bug. Windows 10.

  • Same issue here, Windows 7 and 10

  • edited April 13

    Hex Kit doesn't have any quick generators installed by default. For the quick generator to show anything, you need to have the HK-Fantasyland tile set installed. No other tile sets support the quick generator.

    For some reason, even if you do have the Fantasyland tile set installed, you might need to click the Swamp generator many times before it'll show anything. For me, it usually works within about 10 clicks, so create a new Small map, click the swamp generator, wait a second or two, and then just keep clicking! After you see it work a few times, you might move on to bigger maps.

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