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Maps not loading

Hoping the community can help!
Seem to be having a similar problem to the one raised by michaelh1142 here:

Got a new computer, reinstalled Hex Kit from scratch, imported all the tiles, and my old maps won't load.

Seems to be that tiles have been moved (though I've only ever kept tiles in their original download folders) - is there any way to resolve this or are all my old maps trash?

Thanks in advance


  • Lmj, you can probably fix your map yourself, but it'll take a bit of fiddling. The map is just a text-file that you can edit in a text editor, like Wordpad.

    What's probably going wrong is that your imported tiles were named or stored in a slightly different fashion than they were previously. Hex Kit finds each tile's picture based on the directory and file names within each tile set. For example, I've imported the Dangerous Scenery tileset from the HK-Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery directory. Within that directory, I can find the HK-O To Be At Sea/Angry Sea/ directory, which contains the picture I want, HK_angry-sea_020.png, a dark ocean with a single large white wave with four white dots in a cluster toward the middle of the wave.

    In my map file, Hex Kit represents that file as:

    {"source":"HK-Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery:/HK-O To Be At Sea/Angry Sea/HK_angry-sea_020.png","rotation":0,"mirror":false}

    If I rename the HK-Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery directory to any other name, such as HK-In Dangerous Places, then Hex Kit won't be able to find it and will just replace the Dangerous Scenery tiles with blanks.

    The point of all this is: if you open your map file in a text file, you can probably figure out where Hex Kit is looking for your tiles, and that's probably different from where they're actually stored. So, if you make a copy of your original map and do a find-and-replace (Ctrl+H in most text editors) on the tile locations to update them to the new location, you should be good to go. If they're in exactly the same spot and you didn't rename anything, then I'd: remove the tile set, quit Hex Kit, restart Hex Kit, reimport the tile set, open your map, and pray a little: I can't help you beyond that.

  • @myownlittleworld - thanks so much for this!!

    For future reference for anyone else struggling with this problem - it also worked for me when I re-adjusted my folder structure to match what was displayed in the text editor

    Turns out, when i reinstalled the tile sets I had nested

    "HK-Fantasyland:/HK - Meadow/HK_meadow_005.png"
    "HK-Fantasyland:/HK-Fantasyland/HK - Meadow/HK_meadow_005.png

    It was quicker to re-organise the folder structure than to find-and-replace in all my maps!

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