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Viewing Exported Map

Hi All,

I just bought Hex Kit this evening and made up rudimentary map to try it out. It's a fun little program. I have a question though. After I finished up, I exported the map. It is presumably saved as a PNG file. When I open it outside of Hex-Kit, however, it appears that any hex that I didn't specifically add a tile to shows as black. Will it print this way or is that just how it views?


  • The Base map layer is a black hex grid over nothing and by nothing I mean all the other pixels are transparent. If you see black that is how the PNG viewer you are using chose to display the transparent pixels. How it prints will be up to whatever program you use to view/print. Chances are that if it is showing black, it will print black.

    Your options are to paint every hex with one of the tiles that does have color/white in it or to fix it in a paint program that that uses layers and would allow you to put a white layer below. The HK-Classic tiles folder has some white tiles under HKC-Utilities -> Blanks.

    Could probably put it in a document and print from there.

  • Also, if you choose 'Export Display' and have fog of war painted, it will show the fog of war in the export

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